AMOK is a FULL SERVICE FILM & PHOTO PRODUCTION COMPANY with a bold vision, authentic style and top-tier production team.
We create custom-fit, eye-catching visual stories for brands and agencies with a strong focus on (TV) advertising, branded social media content, music videos, fiction & documentaries by offering modular solutions for all your “one-stop” or “à la carte” production needs.
Our advanced in-house production equipment and post-production facilities guarantee high production values for every story with a fast turnaround at competitive prices.
We’re experts in visual storytelling with a vast knowledge of industry talent, both fresh and seasoned,  foreign and domestic.
With a sharp eye for visual talent we seamlessly match your creative vision, every step of the way, with our extensive film and photography roster and an unrelenting passion for beautiful imagery, without losing focus on the budget.
We’re all about original content, creative angles and cooperative performance, from idea to completion, with a keen eye for substance and composition.

We. Run. AMOK.